What Is Pansexuality?

What Is Pansexuality?

The word pansexual refers to people who feel that they are able to sexually, emotionally or spiritually communicate with all genders, a term which emerged in recent years as a descriptor of sexual orientation. And concept that goes back to the time of Freud who believed   Pansexuality sometimes known as omnisexuality. The ability to attract others, regardless of their gender identity or biological gender, which may include a person who is male, female, transgender, intersex or non-binary, and can be identified with any sexual orientation.   The pansexual identity is commonly used to express the openness and fluidity of the sex rather than explaining that pansexual automatically loves everyone or do not have any physical settings. Similarly, the "pan romantic" refers to someone who is unusual, but can feel a romantic attraction for all the sexes and people of the people.     

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Pansexual People 

Pansexual was corrected in the 19th century by people who want to show their recognition of the current gender, and their belief that there are more than two sexes.  People are becoming more familiar with a term that explains who they are. Gender is not a trend, and there's nothing surprising about opening up your bias by telling you who you are.  

Pansexual people are attracted to different types of people, regardless of their sex, gender, or presentation. There are several sexes, and while some Trans do not fit into the traditional binary. So, for example, while a female bisexual cis female may be attracted to cis men and women.

A person who is pansexual may potentially be absorbed into anyone, but not necessarily attracted to everyone. It is assumed that a pansexual person may be harmful because it distorts the definition and understanding of the term and may prevent the adoption of people who are known as pansexual.

Although they are attracted to all kinds of people, it doesn’t mean they attracted to ALL people. Sexual identity and sexual behavior are two completely unrelated things, neither of which influence the other.

The pansexuality does not mean that it's not specified that a pansexual person is   gay or not, but instead it means that they are not limited on choosing a partner because of gender.

McDaniel claims that: "Younger people are more likely to use pansexual as a term, while slightly older populations are more likely to use bisexual," 



Difference Of Pansexuality, Bisexuality and Polysexuality 

Since pansexuality is a new term, it is often confused or misunderstood. Some people who want to show their identities with a label may find that the term "pansexual" describes those best, and understanding more about being a personality as an identity may be to those who have difficulty understanding and describing emotions. People associate pansexuality with bisexuality but this two are different. Pansexual" is under bisexual umbrella and means that a person is attracted to all genders. Bisexuality points that there are just two genders, that being male and female. Bisexuals may be more attracted to one gender than another, or may find that they are attracted to different genders in different ways. Pansexual have no problem with a transgender person.

One of the things that bisexuality and Pansexuality is shared, is that those who typically identify them do not feel their feelings on the basis of gender. Many bisexuals have stated that they do not lose their gender on sexual identity. However, they still consider themselves to be bisexual.

"Polysexuality refers to people who are attracted to more than one gender or sex but do not wish to identify as bisexual because it implies that there are only two binary genders or sexes. Polysexuals are those people sexually attracted to many different sorts of ideas and characteristics. Polysexuality should not be confused with pansexuality; pan meaning all, and poly meaning many, though not necessarily all."


Polysexuality refers to people who are attracted to more than one gender, but do not want to be recognized as bisexual, because this means that there are only two sexes. The Polysexual are people who sexually attracted to different types of ideas and attributes. The Polysexual should not be confused with pansexual; Pan means everything and has several meanings for many, although not necessarily all of them. "

Pansexual Celebrities

Pansexuality nowadays earns money from celebrities, and most of young people have claimed the pansexual identity .Whether it refers to a sexual / romance orientation or not. 

Several celebrities have come in the last few years as pansexual, with the most recent being The Challenge’s Natalie Negrotti. After Natalie, 28, was cruelly outed by her castmate, Kaleigh Morris, last year on social media, she set the record straight on Tuesday night’s episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. “I am pansexual and I’m okay with that now,” she said, also revealing she was currently in a relationship with a woman. She then took to twitter to continue the conversation, writing, “I came out with my story to share my truth with those who are battling the same thing I did. Do not throw hate at anyone for their actions. I wanted to use my platform to educate people who are not informed. Let’s spread love and education not hate.”    


Please if you have any question about Pansexuality, Bisexuality or Poly sexuality, you can contact us in comments and use our free recommendations.

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