Tadalafil 20mg: Cialis without prescription, Price of Cialis

Tadalafil 20mg: Cialis without prescription, Price of Cialis

Tadalafil 20mg

The active substance in Cialis is tadalafil. It is a drug indicated in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also called male impotence. Its pharmacological effects are particularly durable compared to the available treatment alternatives, and its effectiveness can persist up to 36 hours, after taking a single tablet. (Read full information before you want to Buy Cialis: What is Cialis?)

Please if you have any questions about Buy Cialis without prescription, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

How does Cialis Work?

The purchase of Cialis is impossible without a medical prescription. Legal and reliable websites will require you to perform a medical consultation with a doctor before you can buy your treatment.

Once the consultation is established, an approved doctor will check your answers. If everything looks good, he will then make an order. The doctor may refuse to prescribe a medicine if it is not recommended for your health.

Buy Cialis Online

Cialis is a medicine available only on medical prescription. However, it is quite possible and legal to obtain an order on the Internet!

How? Thanks to a trusted pharmacy. This one offers you a virtual medical consultation online, in order to deliver a prescription adapted to your needs. Without this, the purchase of Cialis online would be illegal and risky, especially because of the many counterfeits on this type of products.

Your Cialis will then be delivered in 24 hours in a discreet package, in elsewhere. This is how we offer you to buy your Cialis safely: via our approved pharmacy partner, Treated, recognized for its reliability and the availability of its customer service (chat, phone, mail).

Comparative of different solutions against impotence in humans. We remind you that all prescription treatments presented on this site are subject to a medical consultation online before delivery.

What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is the generic medicine of Cialis, one of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction.

"Tadalafil" is also the name of the active molecule that makes up Cialis. It indeed makes it possible to treat the erectile dysfunction, that is to say that it facilitates the erection, as well as its maintenance in the duration. This drug has particularly long-lasting therapeutic properties compared to the available treatment alternatives, which can persist for up to 36 hours after taking a single tablet.

Cialis or Tadalafil

Tadalafil is the name of the active molecule present in Cialis as well as the name of the generic drug, available in tablet form. Tadalafil and Cialis are medically equivalent, the only difference being the price, which is significantly lower for Tadalafil.

Generic drugs are strictly bioequivalent to brand name drugs with respect to the active ingredient, efficacy and their therapeutic properties, but are found at a lower price. In order for them to be accepted on the market, generic drugs must be approved as medically equivalent to brand therapies, the same quality, strength, stability and effectiveness.

Cialis without prescription

Cialis is a prescription drug only, which means you need a prescription to buy it. This means that we will not be able to find Cialis without a prescription legally. But then how to order Cialis without prescription safely on the Internet?

It is possible for you to ask your doctor to make a prescription for Cialis, however, many of us will be embarrassed or uncomfortable with the problem of impotence. That's why many men are turning to online pharmacies to buy Cialis discreetly. This offers you a convenient, and often welcome, alternative to a medical consultation and the purchase of Cialis in a traditional pharmacy. But what about the prescription? Is it possible to buy Cialis without having it? The answer is no. Cialis requires a prescription by a doctor, in all cases.

You will have to have a valid prescription to buy Cialis. However, you do not have to get this prescription through your usual doctor, or even a doctor in a traditional practice.

Online pharmacies allow you to make a virtual medical appointment, to take into account your state of health (as your doctor would do), before delivering you the precious sesame: your prescription for Cialis. This is the obligatory process for you to buy Cialis legally.

A serious online pharmacy must meet this requirement. If this is not the case, run away! We have selected for you the best online pharmacy to buy your Cialis safely on the Internet.

Fake Cialis

In Europe, selling Cialis without a prescription is illegal. Nevertheless, some websites offer this service. Unfortunately, these sites are unreliable because the product they are presenting to you is counterfeit. We strongly recommend that you do not buy Cialis online without a prescription on such sites. These fake tablets have not been approved and can be a serious health hazard.

Non-prescription Cialis and other medications indicated for erectile dysfunction are counterfeit on a large scale. These copies are designed mainly in third world countries, in unhygienic conditions, in factories clandestine without supervision or regulations, and sold on the Internet at very low prices.

In most cases, it results that these fake tablets have been contaminated by other high-risk chemicals, such as amphetamines, or they do not contain any active ingredient. Keep in mind that getting inexpensive or over-the-counter Cialis is not an option, and we strongly encourage you not to buy these tablets, should you come across such offers. To learn more about how to recognize fake Cialis, you can check out the manufacturer's website.

Tadalafil 20mg

Please if you have any questions about Buy Cialis without prescription, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

order Cialis online

Did this information make you nervous about getting Cialis online?

Rest assured, there are legitimate online pharmacies that you can trust. Just keep in mind that Cialis can only be obtained with a prescription, even on the Internet. Another tip we can give you is that it is important to check if the online store has adequate customer service, by which you can actually get some information. Just remember that as explained in this guide, the purchase of Cialis without prescription is not possible, even via an online pharmacy.

Ask yourself the right questions:

Does the website look like an amateur site? Does it contain typing errors, grammar errors? So it's probably not legitimate, and you should not buy your treatment there. If you pay attention to these tips during your research, you will be able to get Cialis online, safely, without problems.

Can I buy Cialis in a pharmacy without a prescription?

The answer is no. But our partner guarantees that the Cialis you receive is official and registered. But, wait a minute! How is it possible? After all, you do not need a prescription to buy one.

It's thanks to our online consultation service! In fact, before delivering prescription drugs, your medical data is verified by one of their qualified doctors. Quality and safety are our priorities, as is your health. To be more specific, they will not deliver prescription drugs that require a prescription if you do not meet the health requirements to get one. If you want to order a treatment for erectile dysfunction such as Cialis, you will need to go through the online medical consultation in order to have a valid prescription.

Price of Cialis

If you ask yourself this question, in Europe, Cialis without prescription costs on average 100 $for a complete box, which can make a lot of money after a while. Why does it cost so much? A variety of factors, mainly related to the brand name "Cialis", by Lilly ICOS, are responsible. Fortunately, generic non-prescription versions are also designed by many reputable manufacturers around the world, and they are freely available.

All these procedures are legal, and have absolutely nothing in common with someone who buys on the street. These drugs are generics of the highest quality, approved by the FDA, and come from India. Pharmacies are famous, and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buying generic Cialis online dramatically reduces the cost of treating erectile dysfunction. Often, you can take advantage of special offers online, like any of the 200 medications listed in Erectile Dysfunction, for only $ 179 with free express delivery.

Side effects of Cialis

Side effects applied to Tadalafil - oral tablet:

In addition to its therapeutic effects, tadalafil (active ingredient of Cialis) can cause side effects. Although they do not always happen, they may require medical attention.

Provide your health professionals with a list of all the medications, herbs, and supplements that you are taking at the same time.

Uncommon side effects

Pain or discomfort of arms, back, jaw or neck

Vision disorders

Pain, discomfort of the chest

Thoracic oppression


Cold sweat

Dizziness, fainting when suddenly rising from a supine or sitting position (orthostatic hypotension)


Fast, slow or irregular pulse


Hearing loss



Buzzing ears



Unusual tiredness or weakness


Tadalafil 20mg

Please if you have any questions about Buy Cialis without prescription, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

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