Case of Depression and Treatments of Depression

Case of Depression and Treatments of Depression

Case of Depression

To be happy is to find your place in this world: to be useful, to give meaning, to do what you love, to find your way. To achieve this, I propose to make an overview in 8 essential questions to ask you if you want to get out of your malaise.

Meaning of Existence

Understanding the existence of A to Z is essential. This is how you will know each other. How can you be happy if you do not know who you are, where you come from, what is your purpose in life, your role? These are the foundations, the foundation. But if you're still looking today, it's because you're lost.

You will understand where you come from and who you are by focusing on a discipline most of the time rejected by scientists, which is metaphysics, the science of causes. You did not "appear" by chance. There is an explanation, and you will discover it by consulting the works of Frank Hatem, metaphysician and Sciences Po graduate.

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What have I done with my life?

To take care of oneself, of one's life, is not to be mean and selfish. On the contrary, it is to be true. It is to meet one's own needs so that one can then respond to those of others. We cannot blossom if we forget ourselves, if we privilege others to their own detriment. One day anyway these needs that are yours come back in your face and you say to yourself: "What have I done with my life? "

Think about yourself as often as necessary, and put in place actions that go in your only direction, not that of others. Put your well-being first. And then you can take care of others.

My life values

Does your life really fit you? Are you happy in the housing where you live, in your area, in this job, with this person? If the answer is no, what other life would you satisfy? Are you ready to change? If you degrade, it is most certainly that these values are not respected.

If your values are to help, to help others, but you do not do it. If you like to go beyond, but you do not have to do it on a regular basis. If the most important thing for you is to live according to your principles of respect but that we do not respect you. If you need rigor but you work in a company that lacks seriousness. If you need sport every day but you do not take the time to practice it. If you want to be independent but you are an employee. If you need diversity but you are doing routine tasks. Etc., etc.

In all these situations where you do not respect your values, you do not respect yourself. Rank your values by priority and integrate them into your daily life. Sort in your life.

My life choices

Do you really make your own decisions or let yourself be influenced by others? In fact, we have the choice to live this or that life, to live with this or that person, to change or keep one's job, to be happy. It seems so difficult sometimes to change its daily routine ... but once the course is over, we realize that it was finally simple and it was worth doing it.

Do not let anyone decide your life. Freedom is acquired. Assume your responsibilities: make the decision to change things, to sort through your life. Choose the life you want to have, even if you have to go through hard choices, because it's worth it. You are responsible for your life choices. It is indeed you who chose to be there today, even if it is difficult to accept. You create your life every moment.

My talents

In order to give a purpose to your life, knowing your talents and using them is essential because they are the tool. Your talents serve you to reach your goal. Everyone has talents, sometimes ignored. Or conversely so obvious that they are denied or simply underused. Too bad. Using his or her talents is part of your life mission.

To know your talents, ask yourself what you do best, and more easily than others, which requires no effort, what you like to do and has always been obvious. These are natural talents you are born with.

Thing I like doing

Do you know which activity you like the most? If you have not found, keep looking, but you do not have to go far: it's often so obvious that you do not even see it. Even if you think that nothing particular you are passionate, it is certainly that you deny it yourself.

To find out what excites you, look for what you do naturally every day without even thinking about it. What could you do without? When you are enthusiastic, time passes faster and nothing around you counts, everything becomes easy and gives meaning to your existence. If there are several things that come to mind, rank them in order of priority.

Purpose of my life

What is your main goal in life? What gives you momentum, the urge to do things? What is your engine, what drives you forward? Without purpose, no energy. The whole universe is governed by a goal. It is essential to know what gives you the energy to move forward each day.

To find one's goal and to know which direction to take is to understand where the activities that you are doing with enthusiasm ultimately lead. What makes you feel useful? What would you regret not having done? Your driving force may be to change consciousness, to save, to heal, to provoke emotions, to make people laugh, to educate ... This goal once defined no longer leaves you, and you realize your life in function.

Achieve goals

Without action, this goal remains imaginary. Inaction cannot make you happy. We must consider the fear of acting as a motor, and throw ourselves into his fear to move forward. But it's not about changing the world overnight, only to do small things on a daily basis. However, if you have really found your goal in life, the action usually follows, because you know where you want to go and you want to go. Perseverance becomes natural. When you know where you are going, you become confident. You know why you do these things.

Keep your goal in mind and move a little bit every day in his direction. Make a clear plan: Set small goals and specific dates. Do not wait, your life goes very fast. Go after things that are important to you. Always have goals in mind to achieve your goal. Anything is possible by daring to take one more step each day.

You know if you are in your place when you are yourself, that you do not cheat, that you have responded positively to these eight questions.

What will make you happy is to put your talents to the service of others. Trust: your talents are valuable to others, who need you to fulfill themselves.

What would you regret most: not having acted and being criticized, or having acted and been criticized? Think carefully. It's good about your life. Envy is stronger than fear.

Cause of Depression

Please if you have any questions about Case of Depression, you can ask us by commenting below this text, we'll answer you as soon as possible.

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